Welcome Members, Alumni, and Guests


The Princeton Charter Club, established in 1901, is a private dining and educational club whose members are current undergraduate students and alumni of Princeton University. The club is one of ten privately run "eating" clubs, located on Prospect Avenue adjacent to the Princeton campus.


This website is maintained for the benefit of our undergraduate members, alumni, and other interested parties.


Invitation to the Public to Visit Charter Club

The general public is cordially invited to visit our special eating club (along with other clubs) on December 2 from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m.  No reservations are required; simply arrive at your convenience to see where generations of students have taken meals and socialized in our historic and architecturally significant clubhouse. We will show you around!

Information on the fascinating origins and evolution of the eating clubs, along with many archival images and spectacular photos, can be found in The Princeton Eating Clubs, written by award-winning author Clifford W. Zink in 2017. This beautiful book is available at Labyrinth Books and the Princeton University Store, and on Amazon.

September 2017


Dear Charter Alumni and Alumnae,


Despite the many challenges that the world faces, a new Fall Semester is upon Princeton undergraduates and Charter Club once again welcomes its members to dine, socialize, and study amidst their friends and fellow club members at one of the most beautiful places in Princeton, NJ.


After a summer of repairs (some of which were expensive and very necessary), the Club is looking great and ready to welcome graduate alumni before/after the football games just across the backyard and down the hill.  We hope you come visit us!

Due to a variety of factors at the University, many of the Sign-In Clubs are facing some challenges.  The Graduate Board is working with the GICC as well as with our internal finances to make Charter accessible to more members of the Princeton undergraduate community.  We have a great team of Officers who are working closely with our current and prospective members to ensure we continue to offer a terrific Club experience for those who want to join us.


If you'd like to make a contribution to Charter, to support Charter's educational expenses or to simply make Charter more affordable for members on financial aid, Click here to make your donation online or to get information on how to send your gift to us by mail.


We are also excited to be more involved with the Princeton Prospect Foundation which has broadened their not-for-profit mission to expenses related to the maintenance, repair and/or needed upgrades to our beautiful clubhouse.  Donate to keeping Charter's physical plant in excellent shape by clicking here.

You can also help Charter by opting out of paper mailings.  We'll continue to send you everything by email, but you'll be reducing our mailing costs and helping the environment.  Click here to opt out.