Board of Governors

Although the day-to-day operations of the club are governed by the undergraduate officers, long-term leadership comes from the Club's Board of Governors.  The board consists of up to 15 Graduate Governors (alumni members serving three-year terms), one just-graduated Graduating Governor (elected by the graduating class to serve a one-year term), one Life Governor, and the undergraduate vice president.

Peter Brinkerhoff  '64
Robert Ridolfi '70
John Beers '76
Robert Klein '78
John Bruestle '78

Doug Rubin '81

Jordan Corn '84
A.J. Kait '84

Carol Cronheim '86

Tania Shinkawa '97
Jim White '98
Stephen Berger '01

Dean Scott '07

Christine Batty '09

Travis Pfander '11

Justin Knutson '11

Samantha Halpern '14

Matt Daigger '17



The board meets eight times a year, usually in the clubhouse library.  Meetings are always open to any student or alumni member.  Contact Steve Moskow for meeting schedule information.



  • Executive Committee
  • Strategy Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Alumni Committee


Joining the Board

Our bylaws call for three-year terms for board membership and regular rotation of officers.  We would very much be interested in hearing from you if you are interested in serving on the board.  Contact the board's chairman, John Beers '76


Constitution and Bylaws

The Club has been incorporated in the State of New Jersey for over one hundred years.  As such, we operate according to a constitution and set of bylaws.  The constitution has been amended over the years to reflect the changing times.  In 1999 the board proposed and the undergraduate members ratified a completely revised constitution.

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